rowing reimagined


We deliver the

ultimate fitness experience 

with our total-body

sculpting and cardio classes

that work

every major muscle group,

every workout,

every time!


Our 45 minute classes are centered around the 

beautifully hand-crafted WaterRowers.

We keep the heart pumping by

alternating intervals on and off the rowers.

By combining rowing with kettlebells, dumbbells and total

body weight exercises, 

you will maximize your burn and improve endurance.





Every stroke on the WaterRower recruits

86% of the muscles

in your body.


Our certified trainers will lead you through

the best high intensity, low-impact, full body workouts

tailored to challenge people of any fitness level.

Call today to reserve

your rower!

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Harford Rowhouse

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Suite 201

Fallston, Maryland 21047