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CREW 101

New to rowing?  No worries!  Our instructors will show you everything you need to know.  We will teach you proper rowing form before we begin our heart-pumping, calorie burning, muscle strengthening, total body workout.  This class is the best start to the only workout you will ever need!


This 50 minute class will keep the heart pumping by alternating intervals on and off the rowers.  By combining rowing, with dumbbells, kettlebells and total body weight exercises, you will maximize your burn with 86% muscle use!


Our 50 minute signature class is packed with meters!  This endurance class will torch up to 1000 calories!  We will go the distance by rowing several sets of high meter rows with muscle-building intervals.  



Indoor rowing and yoga are the perfect synergy!

Our ROWga class is the best way to start your day!

This fusion class begins with Vinyasa Flow to warm your muscles before you start your muscle-building, calorie-burning workout on your erg to get your adrenaline pumping.  You will return to your mat to continue to engage every muscle through gentle stretching and postures before a guided mindful meditation to relax serotonin and set your mood for the rest of your day!!


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